Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15
I made some great images that compare my drawings to Preston Blair's in photoshop, but the blog won't let me upload them. Anyway, here are the notes I made about differences between my and Preston Blair's drawings:

first attempt (top):
-oval is a little too thin
-nose is too thin
-right ear us at wrong angle, and left ear is too far left. Both are too long.
-flaps from snout hang too low
-hat and hair are too small

corrected drawing (bottom):
-nose too far out
-left ear too much to right
-right ear slightly too big
-flaps on snout too tall
-hat too thin


Blogger Stephen Worth said...

Hi Dan

Don't delete your previous lessons. You'll want to save them in your blog, so you can see the progress as you go along.

Stephen Worth

10:54 PM  

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